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Fetchr Default Item Pool

Version 5.1.3 for Minecraft 1.20.4/1.20.6

There are 161 items (152 unique) listed within 46 categories.

Once an item has been selected from a category, no other items can be selected from the same category.

This also includes other categories that the same item is also listed in.

Items listed in multiple categories are highlighted in blue.

Ruined Portals and Gold

  Item Weight
Magma BlockMagma Block 30
Block of GoldBlock of Gold 5
Block of Raw GoldBlock of Raw Gold 5
ClockClock 5
Powered RailPowered Rail 5
Golden AxeGolden Axe 2
Golden HoeGolden Hoe 2
Golden PickaxeGolden Pickaxe 2
Golden ShovelGolden Shovel 2
Golden SwordGolden Sword 2


  Item Weight
JukeboxJukebox 10
Enchanted BookEnchanted Book 5
ObsidianObsidian 5
Diamond AxeDiamond Axe 2
Diamond HoeDiamond Hoe 2
Diamond PickaxeDiamond Pickaxe 2
Diamond ShovelDiamond Shovel 2
Diamond SwordDiamond Sword 2

Lush Cave

  Item Weight
Big DripleafBig Dripleaf 3
Bucket of AxolotlBucket of Axolotl 3
Glow BerriesGlow Berries 3
Moss CarpetMoss Carpet 3
Spore BlossomSpore Blossom 3
Flowering AzaleaFlowering Azalea 1
Hanging RootsHanging Roots 1
Rooted DirtRooted Dirt 1


  Item Weight
BambooBamboo 3
Cocoa BeansCocoa Beans 3
CookieCookie 3
ScaffoldingScaffolding 3
Glistering Melon SliceGlistering Melon Slice 2
MelonMelon 2
Melon SliceMelon Slice 2


  Item Weight
Bucket of CodBucket of Cod 1
Bucket of SalmonBucket of Salmon 1
Bucket of Tropical FishBucket of Tropical Fish 1
Raw CodRaw Cod 1
Raw SalmonRaw Salmon 1
Tropical FishTropical Fish 1


  Item Weight
Glow Item FrameGlow Item Frame 2
Item FrameItem Frame 2
BookBook 1
Book and QuillBook and Quill 1
BookshelfBookshelf 1
LecternLectern 1


  Item Weight
Dead BushDead Bush 2
FernFern 2
Glow LichenGlow Lichen 2
SeagrassSeagrass 2
Mossy Stone BricksMossy Stone Bricks 1
VinesVines 1

Basic Iron

  Item Weight
Acacia Hanging SignAcacia Hanging Sign 3
StonecutterStonecutter 3
Block of IronBlock of Iron 1
Block of Raw IronBlock of Raw Iron 1
CauldronCauldron 1

Nighttime Mob Drops

  Item Weight
Arrow of SlownessArrow of Slowness 3
Ender PearlEnder Pearl 3
LeadLead 1
SlimeballSlimeball 1
Sticky PistonSticky Piston 1


  Item Weight
Acacia SaplingAcacia Sapling 1
Birch SaplingBirch Sapling 1
Dark Oak SaplingDark Oak Sapling 1
Mangrove PropaguleMangrove Propagule 1
Spruce SaplingSpruce Sapling 1


  Item Weight
Block of AmethystBlock of Amethyst 2
CalciteCalcite 2
Amethyst ShardAmethyst Shard 1
SpyglassSpyglass 1


  Item Weight
BrushBrush 3
Block of CopperBlock of Copper 1
Block of Raw CopperBlock of Raw Copper 1
Exposed Cut CopperExposed Cut Copper 1


  Item Weight
TuffTuff 3
Cracked Deepslate BricksCracked Deepslate Bricks 1
DeepslateDeepslate 1
Deepslate Tile WallDeepslate Tile Wall 1


  Item Weight
Firework RocketFirework Rocket 2
GunpowderGunpowder 2
Minecart with TNTMinecart with TNT 1

Lapis Lazuli

  Item Weight
Cyan DyeCyan Dye 2
Purple DyePurple Dye 2
Block of Lapis LazuliBlock of Lapis Lazuli 1
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli 1


  Item Weight
Glass BottleGlass Bottle 2
Orange ConcreteOrange Concrete 2
Minecart with TNTMinecart with TNT 1

Skeleton Drops

  Item Weight
ArrowArrow 1
Arrow of SlownessArrow of Slowness 1
BoneBone 1
Bone BlockBone Block 1


  Item Weight
Cherry Boat with ChestCherry Boat with Chest 1
Cherry SaplingCherry Sapling 1
Pink PetalsPink Petals 1


  Item Weight
Pink Glazed TerracottaPink Glazed Terracotta 2
BrickBrick 1
Flower PotFlower Pot 1


  Item Weight
CakeCake 1
EggEgg 1
Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie 1


  Item Weight
Fletching TableFletching Table 1
FlintFlint 1
Flint and SteelFlint and Steel 1


  Item Weight
Blast FurnaceBlast Furnace 1
Minecart with FurnaceMinecart with Furnace 1
SmokerSmoker 1

Iron Rails

  Item Weight
Activator RailActivator Rail 1
Detector RailDetector Rail 1
RailRail 1

Iron with Chest

  Item Weight
HopperHopper 1
Minecart with ChestMinecart with Chest 1
Minecart with HopperMinecart with Hopper 1


  Item Weight
Mud BricksMud Bricks 1
Muddy Mangrove RootsMuddy Mangrove Roots 1
Packed MudPacked Mud 1


  Item Weight
Jack o'LanternJack o'Lantern 1
Pumpkin PiePumpkin Pie 1
Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Seeds 1

Shipwreck Loot

  Item Weight
Blue Trimmed Leather BootsBlue Trimmed Leather Boots 1
EmeraldEmerald 1
Heart of the SeaHeart of the Sea 1


  Item Weight
AppleApple 1
Golden AppleGolden Apple 1


  Item Weight
CrossbowCrossbow 1
DispenserDispenser 1


  Item Weight
Green DyeGreen Dye 1
Lime DyeLime Dye 1


  Item Weight
CompassCompass 1
Empty MapEmpty Map 1


  Item Weight
Dripstone BlockDripstone Block 1
Pointed DripstonePointed Dripstone 1

Glow Ink

  Item Weight
Glow Ink SacGlow Ink Sac 1
Glow Item FrameGlow Item Frame 1


  Item Weight
Gray DyeGray Dye 1
Ink SacInk Sac 1


  Item Weight
Dried KelpDried Kelp 1
Dried Kelp BlockDried Kelp Block 1


  Item Weight
Lime DyeLime Dye 1
Sea PickleSea Pickle 1


  Item Weight
CakeCake 1
Milk BucketMilk Bucket 1


  Item Weight
Mushroom StewMushroom Stew 1
Suspicious StewSuspicious Stew 1


  Item Weight
PistonPiston 1
Sticky PistonSticky Piston 1


  Item Weight
Cooked RabbitCooked Rabbit 1
Rabbit HideRabbit Hide 1

Simple Redstone

  Item Weight
Block of RedstoneBlock of Redstone 1
Redstone RepeaterRedstone Repeater 1

Spider Eye

  Item Weight
Fermented Spider EyeFermented Spider Eye 1
Spider EyeSpider Eye 1


  Item Weight
FernFern 1
Sweet BerriesSweet Berries 1


  Item Weight
Hay BaleHay Bale 1
TargetTarget 1


  Item Weight
PaintingPainting 1
Red BedRed Bed 1


  Item Weight
SnowSnow 1